Riches for Real Estate Agents: Have, Be, and Do Everything You Want


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Make Real Estate Your Gateway to the Life of Your Dreams

Many real estate agents begin with excitement and passion. Then the struggle sets in – long hours, low pay, programs that promise leads but don’t pay off. Riches for Real Estate Agents fills within the missing pieces to after all realize all of the dreams you had from your career.
Jarett Shaffer, Hampton Road’s primary life coach and business strategist, and Susan Shaffer, a real estate leader with thirty years’ experience, bring you seven steps to lasting wealth, personal happiness, and freedom from fear and worry. Inside, you’ll find a systematic plan to get off the true estate hamster wheel and:

  • Have all of the wealth you desire
  • Truly make your career a labor of love
  • Make your real estate practice pay more in less time
  • Select a specialty where you’ll be able to in reality shine
  • Finally do the whole lot you want!

Riches for Real Estate Agents is like Think and Grow Rich meets The Richest Man in Babylon. It’s the whole lot you want to turn an underperforming real estate business into a systematic, enjoyable, and very profitable one. Buy it now and after all achieve the whole lot you dreamed real estate could bring you.

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