SEEING DOUBLE: A New Vision for Living with Graves’ Disease


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Graves’ Disease is making me crazy and I’m seeing double.
Inside this book You are going to learn to feel sane again. How to have more than enough energy to stand up and get your kids to school! You are going to learn how to find clarity in your vision, and relief from the intense pressure in the back of your eyes. You are going to acquire skills for taming that inner bitch who is too quick to bite. And in all probability most importantly, how to keep your relationships with friends and lovers intact.
Graves’ Disease can take years off of, and love out of, your life. I figured out how to stop that from happening. Within three months, I had formed a plan, and taken my life back. I have been off medication and in remission for three years.
This book will teach you the skills you want to manage Graves’ Disease naturally. The usage of these simple methods I have brought myself back to life, to the life I love living. It is as good as it sounds. In reality…it’s better.
Heather Mae Russell is a creator and Graves’ Disease coach. After years of struggling with Graves’ Disease and Thyroid Eye Disease, Heather got down to the business of living with it.

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