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My Desk is Driving Me Crazy: End Overwhelm, Do Less, and Accomplish More | The Difference Press


Entrepreneurs are smart, confident, good at what they do, and help their clients get amazing results. Regularly times they are busy, stressed, and overwhelmed which holds them back from the success and the difference they actually want to make. Some days seem like a never-ending to-do list, then there are webinars, podcasts, newsletters, social media–and the pace keeps picking up. They wonder if they’ll ever get up to the mark and feel in keep an eye on again.


The cost to their business is enormous. When they procrastinate, feel paralyzed, avoid making decisions, or have trouble focusing on the most important actions to take, they end up being less productive and effective. Traditional time-management approaches encourage entrepreneurs to speed up, fit more in, and be more efficient – so they are able to cross everything off their to-do list. Alternatively, they don’t stop to believe that maybe they shouldn’t be trying to do everything on their to-do list in the first place.

Bottom line? When you work for yourself, you simply can’t manage to pay to be overwhelmed, stressed, or scattered.

When you’re overwhelmed or too busy, focusing on getting more done isn’t the answer. So what is the answer? In My Desk is Driving Me Crazy you’ll discover how to easily sort through what is important and what isn’t–and let the unimportant things go–so you’ll be able to put your energy on what really matters to you instead, with ease and clarity.
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