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GO: Solo Travel for Women | The Difference Press


I just need to get away.

Do you secretly wish you could get away to clear your mind, process your pain, and find your passion again?

You aren’t alone. Thousands of women harbor a secret desire to be Wild like Cheryl Strayed, to leave the noise and chaos at the back of, and to challenge themselves with their own solo shuttle adventure. This is the story of one such woman, finally set free by divine disorder. Read about the solo road shuttle that led Sonya over 10,000 miles in 10 weeks, to the edge of herself and beyond. Learn how you too can journey into wild places, be nurtured by nature, taught its secret laws and language, and became brave enough to experience the hope and healing available when we venture out beyond our back doors.

After reading this book you’re going to know:

    • How you’ll make a decision if a solo shuttle adventure is right for you, and if that is so, how you’ll do it in a way that is smart and safe.


    • How you’ll move beyond the stigma, fear, and guilt that keeps you stuck and aching for your getaway.


    • How you’ll be nurtured by nature to experience deep healing, optimum health, and lasting happiness.


    • How you’ll keep your brave on all the way through your own epic road shuttle, even supposing the twists and turns take you in unexpected directions.


  • How you’ll renew your life with passion and purpose, loving deeper and stronger than you ever thought imaginable.

If you loved the journey of Cheryl Strayed in Wild and craved the practical tips to having a solo shuttle adventure of your own (like in The 4-hour Workweek), this book is for you.
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