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The Courage Club: A Radical Guide for Audaciously Living Beyond Cancer | The Difference Press

The Courage Club: A Radical Guide for Audaciously Living Beyond Cancer



Nobody is prepared for a cancer diagnosis, especially as a twenty- or thirty-something. When Katie used to be diagnosed with breast cancer at 30 her dreams of motherhood were put on pause, only to be thrown out the window when her cancer eventually became Stage 4 a year later. Struggling with physical pain, emotional trauma, her own mortality and the loss of her life’s most important meaning makers threw Katie’s life into crisis. Faced with the prospect of a potentially short life Katie knew she needed to find a as far back as herself and the courage to live her life all in.

Katie’s raw and honest stories about how she’s survived Stage 4 cancer provide a guide for courageous and heartfelt living even in the course of crisis. By joining the Courage Club you’ll learn from her hard-won lessons on how to build a life you love.

You’ll find inspirational stories and courageous examples of how to:

  • Get beyond “grass is all the time greener” syndrome and learn how to appreciate your life as it is
  • Find the love and fortify you wish to have most whilst overcoming your deepest held insecurities
  • Discover tools accessible anytime, anywhere for managing trauma and overcoming painful emotions
  • Take the fear out of eating and change your relationship with food
  • Listen to your body and advocate for what it needs most
  • Find inner peace by going out of doors, of your house and your comfort zone
  • Build relationships that can weather any storm.

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