The Magical Business Method: Define Your Stardust, Attract Your Tribe, Make Lots of Money

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Imagine a life where your business flows, everything feels easy, and amazing opportunities appear in front of you each day.

The Magical Business Method shows you how to use the energy in your chakras to move through fear and overwhelm to agree with and abundance.

Tamara Arnold spent most of her life being afraid to use her voice, afraid it would upset people she loved most in life who suffered from mental illness. Fear kept her from connecting to her stardust and realizing she had the gift of reading energy.

When Tamara wrote her first book, My Kid is Driving Me Crazy: A Mom’s Survival Guide for Living with a Child with Mental Illness, she busted open her throat and root chakras. With a clear path for receiving, she came upon she could read chakras… and went right to work doing it to help others.

Tamara spent months studying what chakra energy seemed like and how it affects life and business. The Magical Business Method book was once born from what she learned.

In The Magical Business Method, Tamara will allow you to learn:

·        How energy you’ve been carrying since childhood can have an effect on your business.

·        How to clear lively blocks to create massive shifts in how you have an effect on the world.

·        That you were born to make a difference with your stardust.

·        How to go from scarcity to wealth.

·        And so a lot more.

If you like Think and Grow Rich or The Celestine Prophecy, you’ll love what The Magical Business Method has to share.

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