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Be the CEO of Your Own Health: Create Your Perfect, Feel-Good Lifestyle | The Difference Press

Be the CEO of Your Own Health: Create Your Perfect, Feel-Good Lifestyle


You’ve built an accomplished life by mastering financial success – now why not take charge of your health, too?

The biggest affect you’ll make on your life is achieving and sustaining great health. Creator Maria Teresa Kline has a tried and proven method of achieving just that. She has done the research on highly-effective, alternative healing methods, and state-of-the-art practices to achieve long-term health.

In Be the CEO of Your Own Health, discover how to take the guess work out of what is healthy and what isn’t, and learn once and for all what is good for your body. In this health and lifestyle guide, you’ll learn:

  • The secrets to feeling good the entire time
  • How to use your genetics and habits so they give you the results you want instead of against you
  • What is food combining, and how to use it without giving up what you love
  • How to exercise in a way that’s both what you enjoy and what is good for you
  • Alternative how you can healing the body through scientific breakthroughs that get rid of most ailments

You have worked hard your entire life and have found success, so now is the time to create your perfect health lifestyle so you’ll enjoy it for so long as you choose.

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