SCALE: Refuse to Settle Recognize What Matters Redefine Success


Are you following your blueprint for greatness, or someone else’s design for mediocrity?

Jason is a struggling comedian in Hollywood. Dropped out of UCLA and bartending at two Boulevard bars at night, Jason is lost. But even as mixing drinks, he discovered he could make people laugh. He started standing in line at open mics—and started to find it irresistible. Unfortunately, he’s trapped in this pattern of being a “struggling comedian”. This in a city where every Starbucks is full of “struggling screenwriters”.

By considering several of his comedic and artistic inspirations, Jason began to strip away the nonessential and focused in on what made him a great comedian, his ability to connect. He tripled down on his connection and his statement, changed who he viewed as an audience, and transformed his identify from being struggling to successful. He did this through the SCALE process.

Author Travis Collier has written a book that’s as much a kick in the seat as Seth Godin’s Linchpin. Travis has you imagine and eradicate the ways you’re dissipating your energy, forces you to imagine the core of your greatness, then takes you through a set of inciting and insightful inquiries to arrive at the experience of living an amazing life by design, not an average life by default.

Through Jason’s example, Travis takes readers through a series of five revelations, with the ultimate goal for readers to walk away and immediately start living in a different way. On the other side of SCALE. readers will view their unique contributions to the world through a perspective no one else can take into account, but many more will appreciate. Travis has distilled his 14 years of military experience and 5 years of consulting expertise into an intuitive formula to push clients towards a breakthrough they wouldn’t have experienced or considered before.

There are several stories and inspirations here in SCALE that can assist you:

• Identify ways you’ll simplify your life
• Decide your unique source of abundance and creativity
• Design a new life built around you being your best, most successful self
• Leverage your have an effect on wider than you imagined
• Embrace the experience of manifesting your core intentions

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