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Just Give Me Meaningful Work: Escape Your Exhausting Job and Start Making a Difference | The Difference Press

Just Give Me Meaningful Work: Escape Your Exhausting Job and Start Making a Difference



Just Give Me Meaningful Work is the indispensable guide to getting unstuck and creating a meaningful career.Afraid of letting another year go by in a job that drains the life out of you? What if you had a clear vision for work that would tap your natural strengths, can help you be yourself, and make a difference? Just Give Me Meaningful Work helps people who find themselves stuck escape being trapped in the incorrect job and find their calling―and in spite of everything feel great about themselves.

Certified Co-Active Coach Julie Boyer helps readers go from hopelessly stuck to having the ability to see what’s stopping them and successfully create change. Her tools have helped a lot of people land their dream job, negotiate a better title at work, or even start their own business, even when it first appeared inconceivable. Just Give Me Meaningful Work reveals how to take current frustrations and use them to reveal true purpose. It helps readers stay focused and above the fray, so they are able to get off the hamster wheel and move forward. Boyer’s gentle guidance ends up in a conviction to get the dream job, not just the one readers think they are able to get. Boyer guides readers towards getting their energy and optimism back and feeling alive and inspired once again.
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