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Girls Just Want to Have Likes: How to Raise Confident Girls in the Face of Social Media Madness | The Difference Press

Girls Just Want to Have Likes: How to Raise Confident Girls in the Face of Social Media Madness



Are you concerned that the daughter in your life is spending too much time living on the earth of social media? Do you wish it is advisable stop the madness that social media brings into your home? You don’t seem to be alone. Girls are in the course of a crisis of confidence and communication. They are learning valuable life lessons from mentors like the Kardashians and Instagram “stars”whose heavily edited photos and videos leave them feeling badly about themselves and second guessing their own lives. Physical and psychological changes in her adolescent brain mixed with the have an effect on of the media, most importantly social media, has girls feeling lackluster about themselves and uncomfortable communicating in real life.

An average 12-15 year old sends over 40 texts a day, 1 in 2 teens imagine they are “addicted” to their mobile device, 78% of teens check their mobile device hourly, and 77% of parents say they are concerned that their children are distracted and don’t pay attention when spending time together (Common Sense Media Report, 2016). With these statistics, parents feel powerless and paralyzed by fear that their daughters will be lacking in self esteem and the necessary communication skills to continue to exist in the real world.

The worst part is that parents are letting their fears surrounding social media get in the way of parenting their daughters the way they intuitively know they will have to. Well, not anymore. In Girls Just Need to Have Likes Laurie takes families back to the basics by the usage of real life examples and powerful communication and leadership skill lessons to help parents build a family connection and confident capable young women.

Girls Just Need to Have Likes will help parents reclaim the power in their homes away from social media, the uninvited guest, and go back to the basics of creating a stable and loving home, accepting and encouraging their daughters and gently nudging them to take risks and experience real accomplishments. Parents can step (back) into their roles as mentor and guide and stand side by side with their daughters helping them unwind and decode the different messages that social media is sending them. As this begins to take shape in the home, social Media will start to blend into the background. Allowing the things that matter most to stand front and center – your daughter!

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