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Magnetic Hiring: Your Company's Secret Weapon to Attracting Top Cyber Security Talent | The Difference Press

Magnetic Hiring: Your Company’s Secret Weapon to Attracting Top Cyber Security Talent



Do you wish to have to be the recruiter who is the envy of your HR department by quickly filling those hard-to-fill cyber security positions?
Are you an overwhelmed cyber security recruiter? Are you struggling to find cyber security talent and don’t know how? Do you feel like you will have to know this since you have been recruiting for a whilst but feel totally stumped? Are your hiring managers on your back because you’ll be able to’t find the “right” person they are seeking? Do you feel like your HR manager is giving you a “thumbs down” for not delivering? Were you viewed as a top recruiter amongst your peers and now feel like you don’t measure up?

I was in your shoes and i will help you get back to the rock-star recruiter that you are! As a corporate recruiter, I can share how I used to be able to overcome the same struggles that you’re facing today. As a staffing company owner/headhunter, I can give you the step-by-step guide to hiring your next cyber security recruit. You’ll have a new hire in as low as 10 days.

You will learn:

  • How to fast track your future promotion by solving the cyber talent gap for your employer
  • Have hiring managers sing your praises as you help solve their talent problems
  • Actual scripts used to start a conversation with cyber security professionals
  • How to educate HR leaders and hiring managers on dealing with this scarce group of talent
  • The fastest ways to fill difficult-to-fill cyber positions
  • A glossary of cyber security terms so you’ll be able to quickly learn their world
  • Shortcuts to get in the shoes (or get inside the heads) of cyber professionals and learn what makes them tick

If you wish to have the fast track to strategic partner status, a solution for difficult-to-fill roles, and a promotion, start reading now!
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