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My Child's Not Depressed Anymore: Treatment Strategies That Will Launch Your College Student to Academic and Personal Success | The Difference Press


Is depression preventing your child from finishing college?

Has your son or daughter dropped out of college as a result of depression? Are you overwhelmed with how to get your child’s depression treated so they are able to get back into college? Do you struggle to find the right professionals to address your fears and concerns and get your child back not off course?

Depression can greatly affect a young adult’s successful completion of college, leaving them and their parents overwhelmed and anxious about the future. As a Harvard-trained, board-certified child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist with over fifteen years of experience, Dr. Melissa Lopez-Larson has helped hundreds of parents and young adults overcome depression and successfully complete college. In My Child’s Not Depressed Anymore, you are going to find her seven steps to tackle these issues head-on and discover ways to:

  • Identify the cause of your child’s depressive symptoms
  • Work with your mental health providers to develop a collaborative and holistic remedy plan that meets your young adult where they’re at right now
  • Avoid and overcome the typical obstacles for treating depression in your son or daughter
  • Create a successful, multidisciplinary transition plan for your son or daughter so they are able to return to college
  • Experience the relief of knowing your child will be capable of manage their depression on their own and succeed in college and beyond

My Child’s Not Depressed Anymore will permit you to expedite the process of evaluating and treating your child’s depression to get them back into college successfully.

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