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So, You Want to Be a Superintendent?: Become the Leader You Were Meant to Be | The Difference Press


Are you in a position to climb the ladder to the superintendency?

Do you dream of turning into a superintendent who changes the lives of thousands of students, but aren’t sure how to get there? Are you hopeful that you’ll be able to bring innovation and energy to this office, but question whether you have what it takes? It’s true – moving from being a teacher or administrator to being a superintendent is no easy task.

In So, You Need to Be a Superintendent?, Dr. Donna Marie Cozine draws on her experience of turning into the chief education officer and founding father of Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts, in addition to from the experiences of those she’s coached, to outline her DRIVERS system. Working through this process will let you change into the superintendent you were born to be!

Donna Marie will teach you how to:

  • Get on the fast track to change into a superintendent
  • Show your bosses and peers that you’ve got what it takes to move up
  • See the biggest mistakes aspiring leaders make and how to steer clear of them
  • Build skills and connections to land your dream job

So, You Need to Be a Superintendent? will guide you from your present reality to your dream position. Waste no more time – your superintendency awaits you!

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