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Teach and Go Home: The Sophisticated Guide to Simplifying and Managing Your Workload and More | The Difference Press

Teach and Go Home: The Sophisticated Guide to Simplifying and Managing Your Workload and More


Is it conceivable to ever in point of fact complete a teacher’s to-do list? The answer is yes!

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “Fail to remember the students, I need help with this workload”? Maybe you love being a teacher, but hate all of the paperwork and prep time that takes you away from in reality teaching? Occasionally it can feel like you’re running on a hamster wheel of to-dos and paperwork, just trying to stay afloat. How would it feel to maximize your time, save your energy, and gain more quality time to teach, plan, and engage with your passion?

Currently pursuing a master’s in educational leadership with over seven years’ experience as an elementary school educator, creator Danielle E. Felton has tried, tested, and developed a guide so that you can balance your life as a teacher. Inside Teach and Go Home are the tools, insights, and good habits specifically gathered that can assist you get back to your passions. Teach and Go Home will mean you can learn:

  • How to navigate the day-to-day unspoken responsibilities, expectations, and interactions among teachers
  • How to simplify and sophisticate your daily practices and routines
  • Tools, tricks, and skills to effectively time-manage, engage, and promote student learning
  • The template for P.P.O.P. teaching and planning
  • The confidence to teach with integrity

Read Teach and Go Home to discover quick, simple, usable strategies to stop struggling, and get back to teaching.

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