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New Lenses: A Prescription To See Your Adult Children Differently | The Difference Press


Is there one adult too many living in your house?
Today, adult children are living at home well beyond graduation. Many are unemployed and even unwilling to do what’s necessary to make the transition from dependent to independent. When home is no longer a haven, it’s easy to let dreams and goals fall by the wayside. You probably have adult children living at home and showing no signs of wanting to leave the nest, then it’s time to get a new prescription and have a look at this situation from an absolutely new set of lenses.

In New Lenses, Pamela Reid will show you tips on how to:

  • Help your adult son or daughter take steps towards being financially self-sufficient
  • Recognize and make the most of door-opening opportunities
  • Be resourceful with what you and your adult children already have
  • Share the rules of engagement so your spouse can have an active role in this endeavor
  • Use your hard-earned money for the things that matter most to you . . . period!
  • If you wish to have to affect change and make a significant difference in the lives of others – including your own – then it’s time to take a fresh have a look at what’s going on at home, at work, and in your local community. New Lenses is the ideal resource to lend a hand kickstart the transformation to becoming the you who will create a positive ripple of change. Your dreams and goals rely on it!

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