Pain Is Not What It Seems : The Guide to Understanding and Healing from Chronic Pain and Suffering


With a better understanding of healing, we will change the paradigm of treating and preventing chronic pain and disease.

While conventional Western medicine tends to treat the body and mind as separate entities, scientific evidence proves that physical, spiritual, and psychological aspects of self have an effect on one another on a profound level. This book explains the science that tells us that only when these deeper spiritual and emotional issues are addressed can true healing from suffering and pain begin.

    • Learn why simply treating symptoms is an ineffective way to address pain and illnesses, despite the fact that to start with glance the problem seems to be strictly physical.


    • Reaffirm what you realize intrinsically, that you’re a whole person with physical, spiritual, and psychological aspects which all have an effect on one another


    • Learn how and why guilt, shame, and other long-repressed feelings can continue to plague a person long after the immediately apparent emotional distresses have subsided, over time creating imbalances such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and hypertension – or in more serious ways, such as chronic intractable pain or other severe illnesses.


After thirty years treating military and civilian patients with chronic and acute pain and associated disorders, Dr. Anita Hunt Hickey shares profound wisdom and insights of the “secrets” at the back of how to heal from intractable complex pain, which even if published in scientific journals and books aren’t taught to most doctors nor found in standard wellness curriculums. Her astonishingly simple and transformative program provides an easy-to-follow path to healing from suffering and pain.

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