The Top 1% Life: The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Free Up Your Time, Build Your Business with Confidence, and Finally, Have a Life Outside of Sales!


Is your real estate business so busy that it has taken over your life?
Do you regularly find yourself hustling to make it to your family dinners, ending up late or missing dinner altogether? Do you hustle to get there, only to be glued to your phone, constantly excusing yourself for calls, emails, texts, and private messages to everyone’s mounting frustration? You’ll be able to’t help but feel the shame of a business that is so successful it is out of regulate. That admin improve you hired takes more of your time than your clients, you all the time try to keep deals together, and there are times it feels easier to just do it by yourself. So, what now?

Kathleen Black, one of North The usa’s leading real estate coaches, has worked with thousands of agents and hundreds of teams to solve this problem. After transforming 80% of her clients into top 1% producers, The Top 1% Life assist you to to:

  • Make it home on time for dinner
  • Spend your nights and weekends with your children, spouse, and loved ones
  • Find some help that in truth makes a difference
  • Get your business organized and self-sufficient so everything doesn’t depend on you
  • Quit being on call 24/7
  • Take an actual vacation – without your phone

Today is the day to leave the “overworked underachiever” concept in the back of. Build a stunningly successful life with the Ultimate Expansion Strategy leading the way.

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