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Wake Me from the Nightmare: Hope, Healing, and Empowerment after Suicide Loss | The Difference Press


Awaken from the Nightmare of Suicide Loss

After suicide loss, survivors are left to live in a chronic state of shock, horror, and devastation. Broken and raw, they forge on, at the same time as plagued with pain, disruptive thoughts, and unanswered questions. Too continuously, they suffer in silence or isolation. Dread enters with the light of dawn and the nightmare continues, leaving survivors praying just to feel “normal” again.

The terrain of traumatic grief is complicated at best and precarious at worst. Jade McAuliffe understands this balance. She’s been there. After losing her sister in 2015, what kept her alive used to be her refusal to stay quiet and her willingness to stay connected. What she found waiting on the other side of her personal wreckage used to be a brand-new life.

Now, in Wake Me from the Nightmare, she shares her discoveries, including:

  • How acknowledging your pain will can help you to heal it
  • How regular self-care can calm your anxiety
  • Why protecting your energy is important for maintaining your health and sanity
  • Why you don’t have to “get over” your loss as a way to heal it
  • How speaking your truth can save your life
  • How trusting yourself will can help you agree with the world again

It’s Jade’s belief that no one will have to have to grieve alone. If you’re suffering silently or just need improve from anyone who understands complicated loss, Wake Me from the Nightmare could mean the difference between life and death.

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