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Why Can’t I Stick to My Diet?: Look Good, Feel Better, and Never Ask That Question Again | The Difference Press

Why Can’t I Stick to My Diet?: Look Good, Feel Better, and Never Ask That Question Again



Can you believe a life where you all the time weigh what you wish to have to weigh? Where you don’t seem to be constantly counting calories? Or trying to determine how much time you have left to lose weight before spring break?

Falling off a diet happens to the most efficient of us, but it doesn’t have to happen ever again. It isn’t a moral issue or a matter of willpower. It comes down to science and when people know more, they are able to make permanent changes, so they never have to go on a diet again. Holistic Weight Loss Coach Erin Boardman Wathen knows this issue on a personal level and promises that her Four Fundamentals Food Plan will be your last diet ever.

The Four Fundamentals Food Plan doesn’t require special foods or spending 3 months in an ashram in India. Why Can’t I Stick to My Diet reveals why most diets are so hard to stick to and shows that all readers truly need is focus, determination, and a regular grocery store. It helps emotional eaters ditch the diet mentality for good, featuring proven methods to determine specialized food plans for life. Erin guides readers through the entire common sticky food situations, so they are able to get on with their life and be who they were all the time meant to be!
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