Surrender To Being Different: Reset The View Of The Disabled Parts That Limit Possibilities

$14.99 (as of December 28, 2018, 8:28 am)


Surrender to Being Different is about understanding how we see ourselves, and how we define ourselves, as having a disability or being different. It is about “playing the part” as an award winning actor might, this role which we frequently play without realising it. It is about the disconnection and the mess of being you, until the breakthrough of the connection. It’s about acknowledging how you feel, so You’ll say, “Yes finally let me just surrender to being me”, and just float in non-resistance. It’s going to be okay, and You’ll colour outside the lines if you choose. You are more than enough. The book is about accepting who you are, and liking what you see in the mirror.

The book explains how to move to the connection, the acceptance and the place of surrender but first you wish to have to sit down in the mess, the gunk, in what Lina calls the disconnection. There are exercises all through the book too to help the reader in their journey.

Lina believes that what stops us in our tracks too, is not our disability but our thoughts. Imagine You’ll’t and you won’t but if you Imagine You’ll and you’ll. She would know as has a physical disability called Arthrogryposis. Lina’s passion and work is about making change and challenging the status quo and being the best You’ll be no matter who you are.

The world makes challenges for us too, but sometimes it starts with looking in the mirror at our self, which shows where the challenge comes from! If you say I will be able to’t enough times, you’ll start to Imagine it! We would rather you look in the mirror and say, “Yes, I will be able to! Watch me!” Lina also want you to feel the feelings, be aware of the thoughts that you have, and create acceptance that needs to happen. You’ll’t change the future by pretending in the present, that the past wasn’t there.
Lina will inspire you to take action with your own life, as anything is conceivable in life, if you only Imagine and then take action.

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