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Happy Lawyer: The Art of Having It All Without Losing Your Mind | The Difference Press

Happy Lawyer: The Art of Having It All Without Losing Your Mind



A BALANCED Way to Right-Size Your Legal Career

You seem to have it all. A beautiful family, a nice house, new cars, and an enviable job. But now that you have it all, something feels … off. Your law career has transform horribly soul-sucking. You’re managing your life, sort of, but you’re feeling duped. Trapped. Your “good job” is affecting your health and relationships, and you’re just trying to keep all of the plates spinning. Beverly Davidek has been there.

Here’s the good news: You’ll find a job that helps you provide for your family whilst giving you happiness, satisfaction, and peace of mind. In Happy Lawyer: The Art of Having It All Without Losing Your Mind, you’ll discover ways to:

    • Recognize what’s stopping you from having your dream job


    • Make decisions that are right for your legal career and your family


    • Attract the types of clients and colleagues you are meant to work with


    • Value your health as one of your greatest assets as a lawyer


    • Find and take care of the vitality and clarity to move forward with confidence


    • Make an ethical and graceful exit from your current job on your terms, if you so choose


  • And much, a lot more!

If you are still struggling to find a way to provide for your family without losing yourself, this book is for you. Part Ask and It Is Given and part What Color Is Your Parachute? (but written for lawyers), Happy Lawyer will provide you with the tools you wish to have to get unstuck in your career and start living your dream. Get your copy today!

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