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Better Videos: Stand out. Be Seen. Create Clients. | The Difference Press

Better Videos: Stand out. Be Seen. Create Clients.


In case you are an entrepreneur and find video overwhelming; you probably have an inner knowing that video is for you, but don’t know where to start. If you’re terrified about being on camera, then this book is for you.

Step in the back of the camera with Rachel Dunn from Girl Director as she shares her wisdom from the last 20 years that can assist you step in front of the camera. You’ll discover your own Video Super Power and learn through examples, case studies, and interactive videos how you’ll be able to stand out and be seen. By following the practical steps in this book, you’ll be able to grow your business with video and affect the audience you need to reach.

Rachel outlines the missing ingredient that no technical manual or class can teach you. Hiring someone to make a video for you isn’t going to get you the missing ingredient. If you need your videos to stand out and you need people to find you, hear you and see you in a way you’ve never been seen before, this book can show you how.

Rachel’s own story is included in the book. Her example shows that when you live your passion and follow your instincts you’ll be able to use video to change the world, change people’s lives and make a difference.

Better Videos shows you

•What gear to use to make your videos stand out
•Problem videos and how to avoid making them
•The should-have foundations of every successful video
•How to tap into your own Video Super Power
•How to grow your confidence on camera
•The different video types and which of them to use when
•How far you’ll be able to take video when used accurately
•What makes a WOW-factor video
•How to connect with your audience
•Easy camera techniques to make your videos stand out
•Our three-step process: Plan, Produce, Promote
•Much, much more
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