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Why Do Contractors Lie?: The Investor's Guide to Hire for Success | The Difference Press


Do you struggle to hire the right contractors?

Do you dream of hiring great contractors who will get your real estate projects done well and on time, but do not know where to start? Do you constantly lose your investments because of hiring contractors who aren’t suitable for your jobs? Managing contractors can be a job in and of itself, which can take away from the quality of the work. Did you know that it is imaginable to learn a streamlined, practical, and well-thought-out methodology for finding the appropriate contractor for your jobs?

You need the necessary knowledge to approach the contracting process from a higher level of expertise. Creator and real estate investor of many years J. O. A. Maurice equips you with the appropriate and repeatable skills to hire the right contractors for the right jobs, at the right price, and for the right duration.

In Why Do Contractors Lie? Maurice lays out the appropriate and effective skills you want so you don’t have to lose your investment because of a lying contractor. In the book, you are going to learn to:

  • Find a contractor you’ll be able to trust
  • Spot when contractors start to lie
  • Make sure your project gets completed perfectly on time
  • Avoid end-of-contract arguments or lawsuits
  • Never again lose another investment on account of terrible contractors

You deserve to navigate the contractor hiring process with confidence and ease. The time is now to get started on a profitable and productive path!

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