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Heal Your Kids, Heal Your Heart: The Mom's Guide to Recover and Thrive after Trauma and Abuse | The Difference Press

Heal Your Kids, Heal Your Heart: The Mom’s Guide to Recover and Thrive after Trauma and Abuse


Your kids can get well from the damaging effects of domestic violence.

Have you left the abusive relationship but find yourself still feeling like your kids will never be the same again? Is counseling not giving you the healing results you hoped for? Childhood trauma and PTSD are debilitating, not only for the child but also for the parents who watch their kids struggle and feel helpless. Do you understand that when your kids were happy, they slept well, they loved school, they had great friends, had no migraines or tummy aches, and were outgoing? Don’t worry, you haven’t failed as a mom! Your kids can get there again with this easy-to-follow-and-implement guide.

Written from one mom to another, in Heal Your Kids, Heal Your Heart, Natalie Pereman offers effective tools to heal your children and your family. Learn a proven step by step program that worked for her kids and can work for yours, too.

In Heal Your Kids, Heal Your Heart, you’re going to learn how to:

  • Calm your child’s anxious feelings and physical symptoms of anxiety
  • Help your child fall asleep sooner with improved sleep
  • Rebuild your child’s confidence and remove the damaging thoughts created by the abuse
  • Help your child heal in ways that therapy couldn’t
  • Leave the lingering effects of trauma in the back of

Are you able to take regulate of your child’s healing journey and get the results you are in search of? It’s time to take your life back.

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