Originate: Business Development for Lawyers: A Better Approach to Biglaw Success

Angela Lauria

Hi, I’m Dr. Angela Lauria, and I am The Author Incubator. I am a well-respected Life Coach, and doctor of communications, and also an entrepreneur and internationally recognized expert in online direct response marketing and Diffusion of Innovation theory.


In this insightful, action-oriented book that goes way beyond the standard “business development tips for lawyers”, Michelle Cotter Richards, a former Biglaw litigator and in-house counsel, draws on her years of experience coaching Biglaw attorneys to teach readers an entirely new approach to Biglaw business development.

Originate accommodates powerful strategies to assist Biglaw attorneys develop business very quickly, even in the face of the ever-changing market for Biglaw legal services and products. Originate analyzes the systemic evolution of Biglaw and its future direction, leading to the inescapable conclusion that an entirely new understanding of Biglaw business development is in order.

Integrating concepts from experts such as Daniel Pink, Dr. Larry Richard and Susan Swaim Daicoff, lawyers who put in force the practical, research-driven concepts in Originate can be poised for success it doesn’t matter what the future holds for Biglaw. A will have to read for Biglaw rainmakers and future rainmakers far and wide.

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