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New Rules for Positive Parenting: How to Help Your Kids Make Good Choices and Still Get the Laundry Done | The Difference Press

New Rules for Positive Parenting: How to Help Your Kids Make Good Choices and Still Get the Laundry Done


Parenting is a responsibility of epic proportions. As a parent, you’ll have your child for a year when they are a baby, four years when they’re a toddler, and preschooler, a child for five years, and then for eight years when they’re a preteen and a teenager. Then you are mostly done with your job of parenting. How you do this job of parenting will have an affect on your child for the rest of their life.

But, don’t despair! There are no perfect parents. We didn’t have them, our parents didn’t have them, and our children won’t either. Then again, we will all be parents who are good enough.

In New Rules for Positive Parenting, creator Jerre Ader reviews research on new brain science and attachment theory and what it tells us about raising safe children. She describes how beliefs and behavior patterns, or schemas, can also be developed in childhood and stay with us and affect our thinking and behavior as adults. The way a person describes the childhood they had provides useful information about how their own child is likely to attach.

Your attachment style impacts 90 percent of your relationships. The attachment process occurs all through the life span. This book provides you with reparative strategies you’ll be able to use – to re-parent yourself and in parenting your child. You’re going to learn how you’ll be able to develop acquired safe attachment and pass that safe attachment on to your child.

Parents who change can change their children.
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