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God, Help Me Lose Weight: Weight-Loss Essentials for Even the Worst of Times | The Difference Press

God, Help Me Lose Weight: Weight-Loss Essentials for Even the Worst of Times


Lose weight now, and attract the life you wish to have!

Are you able to accept your answered prayer? You’ll lose weight and start on a path to wellness. With a couple of essentials, You’ll also increase your health and prevent or better manage illness – all at the same time as enjoying food.

It’s not easy to determine how to feel happy about food and lose weight at the same time. After a failed marriage and 50 extra pounds, Shine Brown canvased the health and wellness landscape to find balance for herself. She now shares her essentials to making body size match the powerful light inside.

In God, Help Me Lose Weight, you’ll get:

    • Tools and information to lose up to 30 pounds in 6 weeks


    • Knowledge to determine the right diet for you, without deprivation


    • Tips to drastically make stronger your health and wellness without stepping into a gym


  • An understanding of how losing weight and unleashing your power decreases your biggest fears

God, Help Me Lose Weight is the reminder you wish to have to achieve for your dreams. Let’s go.
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