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ENLIGHTENED Weight Loss: Breaking Free from The Inner Trap of Endless Dieting | The Difference Press

ENLIGHTENED Weight Loss: Breaking Free from The Inner Trap of Endless Dieting


If you’re wanting to win the weight-loss game you’ve been playing off and on for the majority of your life, this book is for you.

If a diet or an eating plan alone would have gotten you over the weight-loss finish line, you would have found it. You’re smart, you’re able to start and stick to diets, and you’ll want to have written a dissertation on the topic of dieting and exercise at this point in the game. But life all the time seems to get in the way and derail your every best effort, every time. And you’re not alone. This book is a guiding light that can assist you after all get to the heart of your weight-loss issues and change these dieting patterns perpetually.

Linda Evans, international speaker, seminar leader, and self-awareness coach, guides you through her heart-centered and eye-opening, 9-step ENLIGHTEN process that can assist you:

  • Get to the heart of your habitual behaviors around food and dieting
  • Gain insight into your emotional eating time-bombs and how to diffuse them
  • Expose the inner saboteurs that keep you from getting and staying thin
  • Reset your internal satiety and food enjoyment meter
  • Become more confident and happy within your body and your life

ENLIGHTENED Weight Loss is a mix between the inner- and personal-responsibility dynamics of The Work from Byron Katie and the epigenetic understanding and cellular science of Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief. In it you’re going to discover ways to find harmony within your daily food choices and comfort within your body, as you’re making lasting emotional and physical changes at the cellular level – lightening your body and your life from the inside out.
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