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The 100 Day Promise: Radically Transforming your Marriage by Living with Complete Concern for your Spouse's Happiness | The Difference Press

The 100 Day Promise: Radically Transforming your Marriage by Living with Complete Concern for your Spouse’s Happiness



See what happens when a regular husband and father of four promises to totally love and serve his wife for 100 days. What is going to happen to him, his wife and their relationship? Is it actually worth the effort? More than just just hearing marriage platitudes, this book shows the reality of the stresses family life can bring and demonstrates the power of trusting someone enough to love them completely. “I realized I must break out of it and muster the will to move us forward again. I sat there pondering some of the lessons I’ve learned through the years about how to have happy relationships. I remembered a thought I had when we were first married even as in a similar state of mind. It was a thought I consider came from God. “Just love her and let me do the teaching.” I have remembered that every so often through the years and have tried, but have not applied it as consistently as I could. I wondered what would happen if I not only broke out of this negative situation, but tried to act with the same selfless mindset for an extended period. So, I thought I’d try an experiment.” “I would show more gratitude and affection; I would help more without complaining and look for how you can proactively serve; I would listen more and “correct” less; and I would refrain from seeking justice and accuracy on some issues. I must leave some things unsaid, forgive more, and think unselfishly. If we had a disagreement, I must move forward in a positive way.”
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