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Effortless Enchantment: A Memoir of Magic, Magnetism, and Miracles | The Difference Press

Effortless Enchantment: A Memoir of Magic, Magnetism, and Miracles


Have you ever noticed that there are those people who shine such a lot that no one can assist but think they’re special?

What is that magical energy that by some means lights them up from the inside? How do they harness that magic and use it to create the lives of their dreams – even when they don’t realize they’ve it?

And what happens when they lose their magic? Can they ever get it back?

That’s what happened to Karen Lorre.

The Playboy Playmate and One Life to Live star had unknowingly let the universe guide her most of her life – until a dear ex-boyfriend killed himself, her father died, and she became embroiled in a lawsuit against a pedophilic youth minister.

All this happened when Karen used to be newly married to the man of her dreams, an improbable, romantic, brilliant man.

She went from being the happiest wife to being divorced, devastated, alone, missing her husband with all her heart, and unable to work, function well, or stay awake.

She had devoted herself to her acting career and to her now ex-husband, but she had lost it all.

Though she used to be in such despair, that small voice within urged her to find her as far back as her own special magic, even when all she craved used to be oblivion.

Karen invites you on an inspiring journey through adventures, extravagant experiences, insights, and chance meetings that reminded her to reconnect with who she actually is, to tap into her special magic in a whole new way, and to cause that small voice within her to boom louder than anything else. Let her stories inspire you to reconnect with your own magic in a whole new way, too. Get able for new adventures!

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