I Ain’t Thinking About You: The 8-Step Guide to Finally Letting Him Go Using The Breakup Funeral Method


Girl, he played you, but you still can’t get over him?

Sounds find it irresistible’s time for a funeral. Wait, sis – no, not his. A Breakup Funeral. A ceremony held in honor of past relationships that provides closure. I Ain’t Thinking About You will show you how. The contents of these pages will lend a hand so you’ll in the end get over your ex, bury that situationship, and go on living your life without being haunted by those bugaboos. You were once a woman who never let a man regulate your happiness, but now you’re feeling lost and stuck. I Ain’t Thinking About You is for women who are able to exorcise those past relationships. If that’s you, then writer and Ivy-league educated spiritual psychologist Lenina Mortimer will let you discover:

  • The eight simple steps it takes to recuperate from a breakup quickly
  • How to get the closure you deserve from him
  • Insight on why you keep choosing the improper men
  • The biggest mistake you’re making that’s keeping you from in the end letting him go
  • Science-based techniques on how to start feeling like yourself again

Get able to live your life find it irresistible’s golden. Host your Breakup Funeral and don’t waste another minute thinking about him!

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