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The 9 Pillars of the YONIVERSE: Attract Amazing Clients as a Female Tantric Practitioner | The Difference Press


Attract the right clients for your tantric sessions and fall in love with your work as a Tantrika!

Hey there, sister! Are you a new or struggling Tantrik practitioner tired of feeling like your offerings don’t seem to be fully understood, or worse, misunderstood? Ouch, that can feel like a whack on your sense of integrity and self-confidence. Not being in a position to give an explanation for what you do and what a client can expect from your session may also be frustrating and can even leave you questioning the validity of your work identity.

But wait! All of that can change, and you’ll be able to instead attract the right clients, be seen as a Tantrika, and deliver your work in the sacredness in which it is meant to be shared. Palki Mawar, a classical and neo-Tantrik practitioner, and founder of Authenticlovetantra and the Association of Tantric Practitioners, is among the forerunners in the Tantra world who has referred to as for greater integrity in Tantric practices. She will walk you through the nine pillars of a soul-nourishing Tantric practice that she calls the “YONIVERSE.”

You will learn how to:

  • Create your Tantrik practice on your terms
  • Empower yourself and your clients through your work
  • Guide your sessions with confidence and ease
  • Share your gifts with an open and generous heart
  • Co-create magic with your clients

Apply this structure to your daily practice and weave energy like the master Tantrika that you’re. Needless to say, the world needs you just the way you are. Let the YONIVERSE guide your sessions!

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