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My Clothes Fit Again!: The Overworked Women's Guide to Losing Weight | The Difference Press


Are you trying to lose weight so You’ll be able to fit into your favorite clothes again?

Are you uninterested in your clothes not fitting? Have you tried every diet there is, only to lose a little weight and gain it back again? You’ll be able to barely button-up your favorite slacks without lying on the bed just to flatten your stomach. The extra weight has made you are feeling ugly, exhausted, overwhelmed, and tired of feeling so poorly. Get ready to strip that spandex, button your jeans, and be capable to breathe with ease!

As a physical therapist, integrative nutritional health coach, and yoga instructor, Sue Seal combines Eastern and Western philosophies to reach weight loss, health, and functional longevity for an amazing life. She has helped clients gain functionally healthy lives for more than thirty years.

In My Clothes Fit Again!: The Overworked Women’s Guide to Losing Weight, Sue shares her eight-step method that can assist you to:

  • Understand how hormones and stress contribute to weight gain
  • Discover how your digestive tract can cause you to crave bad food
  • Make way of life and dietary choices that strengthen weight loss
  • Identify the foods that stress your body out and make it gain weight
  • Eat so You’ll be able to reduce body fat, fatigue, and joint pain
  • Are you ready to show up for your life? The best time is now, not when it is too late. Let Sue mean you can eliminate that spandex and fit into your favorite clothes again!

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