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Ultimate Intimacy: The Revolutionary Science of Female Sexual Health | The Difference Press


Are you ready to have satisfying and enjoyable sex again?

Maybe sex has felt terrible and painful recently. The entire fun is gone! Your vagina is broken! Too frequently, women suffer with issues in sexual and vaginal health, but have no idea if what’s happening is normal, or what to do about it. Well, it is after all okay to talk about the natural changes women experience through life! It’s time to get the answers you deserve.

As a board certified OBGYN and medical director of VSPOT Medispa and ViVa Rejuvenation Center, Carolyn DeLucia has been working tirelessly to spread the word about the new treatments available to patients and other doctors worldwide. She wants to help you have the best intimate relationships conceivable, bringing the magic back to your sex life.

In Ultimate Intimacy, you’re going to:

  • Learn about what is normal and what is not to give you better insight into your body.
  • Understand the simple and complex procedures that can address a wide range of intimate health issues.
  • Know how to make a choice the right remedy for you so you’ll bring the best options to your doctor.
  • Become more empowered, confident, and able to enjoy your inner goddess!

Why suffer one more lonely night? Why waste time not being the lover you wish to have to be? If you wish to have the medical knowledge of Masters and Johnson and the passion of 50 Shades of Grey, then look no further. Ultimate Intimacy will help you take back keep an eye on of your sex life!

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