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Promote Your Inner Cowgirl: The Horse Lover's Way to Work Less, Earn More, and Live Your Passion | The Difference Press

Promote Your Inner Cowgirl: The Horse Lover’s Way to Work Less, Earn More, and Live Your Passion


Let your inner cowgirl have her way.

You want nothing more than to have more time to pursue your love of horses. But there’s a cost. The horse shows, the competitions, even the cowgirl clothes, they all cost time and money. You no longer wish to work longer hours, or ask for a raise, or rely on your spouse just to do what you love. So what do you do?

Lifelong cowgirl, entrepreneur, and nurse practitioner Dr. Lynda Flowers has the answer. During her life she’s had to balance the rigors of work and circle of relatives with time to enjoy her love of horses. Now, after founding several startups, including her cowgirl coaching business, Dr. Flowers guides fellow horse lovers away from their frustration and toward the way of life they’ve at all times wanted.

In Promote Your Inner Cowgirl, Dr. Flowers sets forth a framework to launch your own business, generate source of revenue, and free up time to do what you love, together with tips on how to:

  • Set boundaries at the same time as aligning your goals and passions
  • Stand out as a leader and team player
  • Find and launch a business that works for you
  • Turn past failures into future successes
  • Identify a team that supports you

You’ve denied your inner cowgirl for far too long. It’s time to level up, jump back in the saddle, and return to your life’s passion with Promote Your Inner Cowgirl.

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