Life from the Ashes: Finding Signs of Hope After Loss

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How Does Life Go on after Losing a Child?

Life from the Ashes shares the painful and raw story of Shari O’Loughlin’s loss of her 14-year-old son, Connor, who was once shockingly killed in an airplane crash on his way home from a four-day vacation. Shari’s circle of relatives was once struck with the most unattainable nightmare when they received the soul-numbing news. Instantly, Shari was once living a new life she would never make a selection.

As Shari finds herself walking through the deepest despair in a world she can no longer give an explanation for, she shares the steps she took toward living again. Her journey reveals an accompanying evolution to an unexpected place of transformation, renewal, and hope.

Parents trying to navigate the perilous journey of traumatic loss know the path is agonizing. Happiness, faith, and wholeness seem reserved for everyone else but them. In Life from the Ashes, Shari helps answer questions on how parents can agree with again, have faith after God let their child die, and whether the despair and anger will ever end. She shares how you can feel your child is still with you, how to see blessings even in the most painful moments, and how to live a more meaningful life after loss.

In honor of Connor and her circle of relatives, Shari shares her path from darkness to light so others may better find theirs. Even though Shari’s story shares the journey after the loss of a kid, it contains tools that can help any person who has suffered a loss of any type move forward in life.

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