The Art of Being Mystical: An Adventure in Healing & Spiritual Awakening


God, if you’re there, please tell me, “Why am I here?”

It’s been five months since I saw my captain dying with three bullet holes in his chest. Three weeks later I held my mom’s hand as she died from cancer. As an extra special bonus, buddy Bill came home from a bender, cracked his head open on his coffee table, and never woke up. Life sucks. I do not know who I am anymore. What happen to my perfect life of fun and adventure on the high seas? Why am I here? I know I used to be meant to make a difference, but at this time I will’t even make it out the front door.

This used to be me the summer of 2009. Suffocating from grief and a triple shot of PTSD, I used to be self medicating with an ounce of weed a week, marathon Netflix, and gallons of ice cream. I waffled between depression and anxiety, or a cocktail of both. I simply wanted ME back. Through the depths of darkness there used to be a light that refused to be ignored. My internal sunshine has gratefully lead me to teaching yoga and meditation, and to a religious connection so profound it has peeled me wide open to the mystical world of intuitive art, energy healing and unending psychic abilities.

In The Art of Being Mystical – An Adventure in Healing & Spiritual Awakening you can learn the way you too, can:

    • Reclaim your life back, beyond your wildest dreams


    • Heal your body and soul, from the inside out


    • Transform pieces of mind, into peace of mind


  • Inspire your internal sunshine, to discover your true path

Sue Webber has been known as “A Mystical, Martha Stewart meets Meditating MacGyver”. Experience her eclectic gifts as she weaves her story with metamorphic client transformations, and real world healing how-to’s. Free links to coloring pages will mean you can cultivate a meditative mind, as you color life into her crazy, Salvador Dali meets M.C. Escher style art. What are you waiting for? Peace of mind is just a click away!

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