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Craving Love: A Girlfriend's Guide Out of Divorce Hell into Heaven and A New Life You Love | The Difference Press

Craving Love: A Girlfriend’s Guide Out of Divorce Hell into Heaven and A New Life You Love



Humans are created to love and be loved.

How come some people seem to have more love than others, better relationships, wedded bliss, more overall joy?

Do you crave more love, a more loving relationship?

Studying miraculous transformation, love and spirituality under experts such as Marianne Williamson, Gabrielle Bernstein and Maston Kipp, creator Shelly Young Modes answers the question, “Where is the love?”

Her “Start With the Heart” method unlocks the name of the game to attracting abundant love into your own life. Whether you are going through a divorce, break-up, contemplating separation, or wondering where Mr. Wonderful is, her approach to healing through divorce, connecting with your spirit and turning up your mojo will put you on the path to a real love life and a life you actually love.

She’s been called a people whisperer with the ability to dig in to your deepest heart calling and help you discover your unique path to fulfillment, peace, happiness and love. Her next book “Seeking Truth” is due Summer 2015. Want more Love? Visit her website www.shellymodes.com for weekly love taps and access to her “Start With The Heart” and “Fall In Love With Your Life” workshops and talks. Shelly is available as a speaker on topics such as“Divorce Rehab”“Someone Stole My Perfect” “How to be a Lover” “One Word Transformation”“Manifesting Mojo” “Finding Your Sweet Spot”Topics for young women and teen girls as well. She’s a big fan of the little sisters of the world.Rehab and Creating your own bubble


Sample from Craving Love

There will have to be a Betty Ford Center for divorce. Since there is not, I’ve created a program for healing. If all divorced people went to divorce “Rehab” before entering a new relationship, the second marriage divorce rate wouldn’t be 75%. You should maintain you first all the way through a divorce. It’s imperative. It sounds selfish. It’s hard for the “givers” of this world to embrace. It’s this or check yourself into The Betty and that will probably run you about $40,000 or more. I hope that by reading this book, I will be able to save you at least $39,985. You should heal the wounds and care for your own insides so as to be whole again before starting a new Love relationship. It’ll also make you a better mother, father, friend, sister, brother daughter, son, overall human.

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