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Just Love Me Back: A Revolutionary Formula for Catching and Keeping Him | The Difference Press

Just Love Me Back: A Revolutionary Formula for Catching and Keeping Him


Want him to commit and love you for who you are?


Does your relationship seem to nose-dive every time you think it’s about to go to the next level? Maybe you keep hoping he’ll be all in this time – then once again, he’s pulling away from any sort of commitment. You’re constantly trying to balance getting close to him whilst concurrently keeping a wall up to prepare yourself for what inevitably happens … when you need more, he wants less.


Coach Lauren Miller shares the tools and techniques she’s discovered whilst working with dozens of people who yearned for a successful relationship where they could be loved for just being themselves. Over and over, her clients report they have got gone from facing un-committed and under-committed partners to the most productive relationships of their lives.


In this book you’ll be able to learn:


    • What you might want to be doing that’s pushing him away


    • The mistake most women make when they meet someone they in reality like


    • How to be yourself without fear of rejection


    • What’s in fact going on and how to end the pattern


  • The tools that can solve this problem and change your life forever

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