The Doctor Dilemma: How to Quit Being Miserable Without Quitting Medicine


Want to enjoy being a doctor again?

The Doctor Dilemma: How to Quit Being Miserable Without Quitting Medicine is the answer for doctors who are unhappy in their current job or career and may even be wondering if they made a mistake becoming a doctor. Dr. Sara Dill has been there. She knows how painful it is to secretly wonder if all those years of school and training were a mistake. This book will help you realize that regardless of why you became a doctor you did not make a mistake! You’re going to discover why you are meant to be a doctor, what’s actually incorrect with your medical career, and how to create the career and work-life balance you need. In this book you’ll learn:

    • Why becoming a doctor was the right decision


    • How to be happier and more fulfilled in your current job at this time (despite the fact that you hate it)


    • Why you keep working more than you need to and how to have more free time


    • How to avoid a $400,000 mistake by leaving your medical career too soon


    • What your dream job looks like


    • The critical steps to making your dream job turn out to be a reality


If you’re tired of wondering if you made a mistake becoming a doctor, and you’re ready to stop hoping for things to recuperate, don’t wait any more. Dive into this book. It’s time to turn out to be the happy and successful doctor you were at all times meant to be!

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