Trauma and Abuse Healing: A Therapist’s Guide to Using Ritual and Ceremony


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Get well results for you clients recovering from abuse and trauma.

Have you ever wondered if there’s something you’ll be able to add to traditional or non-traditional therapy for abuse and trauma clients that can help them move more easily through the challenges of recovery? These easy-to-use tools and practices have helped many to find daily peace and solace at the same time as in the course of the tough moments and move forward more easily and quickly.

In Trauma and Abuse Healing, Heidi Thompson-Henyon employs her knowledge and wisdom of various rituals and ceremonies to show you how to lead your clients to better healing.

This book will teach you:

  • How to tailor ritual and ceremony to your individual client’s beliefs and needs
  • How to introduce tools so one can get fast healing for your clients
  • How to leverage community and group therapy to facilitate faster change
  • Simple and easy-to-incorporate tools and practices that have a high rate of compliance
  • How to partner with your community to create structures of fortify that lead to lasting results

As you come to take into account these simple practices to help your clients, you are going to be amazed as they transformation their pain to joy.

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