Why Isn’t This Marriage Enough: How to Make Your Marriage Work and Love the Life You Have

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The fifth book in the Soulful Truth Telling series, Why Isn’t This Marriage Enough? is for the woman who has everything she’s ever wanted: the nice husband, the healthy kids, the big home, even the career of her choosing. They manage to pay for, take circle of relatives vacations and their kids are in a good school and thriving in their extra-curricular activities. From any individual else’s point of view, her life looks enviable.

So why isn’t this enough? She married for security and safety. She married the good guy who wouldn’t hurt her. She plays the role of super-mom, because she can and because she can’t seem to say no to any individual, but her husband. But after long days of taking good care of everyone else, connecting with her husband in any meaningful way feels like a chore, like he’s one more person that needs something from her. She has love for her husband, the father of her children, but she fears she’s fallen out of love with him.

She chose this path, this marriage, this life – so why does she feel so empty and on my own? If this isn’t enough, will it ever be enough? What would it take to feel happy? Is that even conceivable? What sort of miracle is needed for this – all of this – to feel good?

Why Isn’t This Marriage Enough guides women to find the answers to that important question and explores whether the marriage may also be transformed into a relationship that feels like more than enough.

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