Create Value as a Senior Leader: Effective Strategies to Retain Employees, Increase Engagement, and Achieve your Organization’s Goals


Retain your best employees, create value, and keep talent on your team!

Have you lost good employees to other teams, or worse, other companies? Are your key members absent from the workplace more than usual? Is your business impacted because your team just is not working like they used to? If your organization struggles with turnover and productivity, then you know the way hard (and costly) it may be to hire and train new talent. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew your team was once happy to show up and do their best work? Well you’ll be able to!

Senior leader turned creator Shona Elliott, who led her organization to transform a Top 100 Employer, will teach you how to retain your employees, increase employee engagement, and create high-performing teams that achieve your organization’s goals.

In Create Value as a Senior Leader, you’ll learn:

  • Why your good employees leave and how to prevent it
  • What you’ll be able to do to keep your best employees
  • The secret to maintaining great relationships with employees
  • The easiest way to spice up employee engagement
  • How to align your leaders and employees with your strategic and departmental goals
  • How to motivate your employees to positively give a contribution to your organization’s success

Learn how to provide value to your employees today so you’ll be able to keep good employees from walking out the door.

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