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Divorce Made Easier: Decide If Leaving Is Right for You | The Difference Press


Are you unsure if divorce is best for you?

Have you struggled in your marriage, with thoughts of divorce lingering in your mind? You’ll’t sleep, and eating is difficult. Your religion doesn’t trust divorce, yet you are so unhappy in your marriage that you are at a standstill. You pray all day and night for an answer to get the question of divorce answered, but no answer ever comes. The only thing you do know is that you deserve to have harmony in your house.

After two divorces, Kathryn MacIntyre knew that perfect marriage could be attainable. To seek out the answers to a perfect marriage, she traveled around the world and is now happily married. She uses her techniques as a certified laughter yoga instructor, teacher, and certified Rolfer to help others resolve if divorce is right for them.

In Divorce Made Easier: Make a decision if Leaving Is Right for You, you’re going to discover ways to:

  • Feel God directing your marriage in new ways
  • Easily manifest joy in your life
  • Assess what you most need from your husband
  • Empower you to take better care of yourself
  • Measure if your marriage is getting better or not
  • Get clarity and understanding about your marriage
  • Bring harmony into your home.

If you’re really ready to resolve if divorce is best for you, sign up for Kathryn as she guides you to the ultimate answer that has God’s blessing.

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