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Reprogram Your Sleep: The Sleep Recipe that Works | The Difference Press

Reprogram Your Sleep: The Sleep Recipe that Works


Does it seem like everyone but you’ll be able to sleep properly?

Are you frustrated or puzzled about why sleep doesn’t work for you? Does it take a long time for you to go to sleep? Do you constantly wake up in the course of the night, with trouble falling back to sleep? Do you struggle with your sleep health because you’ll be able to’t develop a plan for better sleep habits? You aren’t alone!

Sleep geek Tara Youngblood has been on a quest to help people sleep better since 2007. After struggling with insomnia, she determined it was time to find a lasting solution. Now, sign up for her as she shares her plan to practical sleep management – a plan that heals.

In Reprogram Your Sleep, you’ll learn:

  • How to get well from a dysfunctional circadian rhythm
  • How to reset your habits and hone in on what in point of fact works for you
  • How to time your activities, eating, and cognitive load to reset your circadian rhythm
  • What your personal circadian rhythm profile is and how to use that knowledge to get more out of your night and day
  • Simple methods and action steps that can help you get well your sleep, energy, and life

Good sleep is built with consistent habits and patterns. Discover your hidden potential and true self, because even just one night of great sleep changes your day.

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