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Your Teen's Miraculous Brain: Eight Essentials of Faith-Based and Neuroscience-Informed Parenting | The Difference Press


Help Your Teen Succeed – Even When Nothing Else Works

Are your teen’s caregivers providing outdated advice? Dr. Nina Farley-Bates combines twenty years of experience with the latest research – and biblical insight – to help your teen thrive. We now know much more about what’s in reality going on in your teen’s head than we did even ten years ago. Your Teen’s Miraculous Brain explains how You’ll make eight essential changes so that you can help your tweens, teens, or young adults turn into the women and men you’ve at all times hoped they’d turn into. Dr. Nina shares valuable information to fortify your teen’s brain, including:

  • What you wish to have to know to launch your teen into a better adulthood.
  • Why psychotropic medications alone won’t solve your teen’s problem.
  • Brain-boosting foods that can fortify your teen’s happiness and yours.
  • How to get your teen more restful sleep.
  • How to defuse confrontations and reach your teen.

Weaving breakthrough techniques along with solid evidence, Your Teen’s Miraculous Brain offers better how one can cope with your son or daughter’s unpredictable moods, irrational thinking, and failure to launch. You’ll see them take quantum leaps into a more successful future. Arm yourself with Your Teen’s Miraculous Brain now, so You’ll make lasting positive changes in your teen’s life and turn into the hands that productively rock their world.

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