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What If It's NOT Depression?: Your Guide to Finding Answers and Solutions | The Difference Press

What If It’s NOT Depression?: Your Guide to Finding Answers and Solutions


Is depression truly the cause of your symptoms?

You’re tired. You have trouble sleeping and thinking, you’re feeling down and stressed out, and you worry that you’ve lost your edge. You’re plagued by many physical symptoms, too! Your doctor told you that you were depressed, handed you a prescription for an antidepressant, and referred you to a psychiatrist. Your heart of hearts actually believes that you are not depressed, but you do not know what causes you to feel this way.

What if It’s Not Depression? is for the person who is sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, doesn’t know why they suffer, is tired of going to doctors who just hand them prescriptions, and is willing to do the work so that they aren’t crippled by more than one chronic problems requiring more than one medications.

Psychiatrist and certified functional medicine practitioner Dr. Achina Stein will become your health through her winning strategies and permit you to:

  • Figure out whether you’re truly depressed or not, and what’s if truth be told causing you to feel this way
  • Get off that emotional roller coaster
  • Clear up that brain fog and increase your energy and vitality
  • Avoid being stamped with a lifelong mental illness diagnosis that requires years of medication
  • Add quality years to your life

What if It’s Not Depression? solves your problems by searching for the root causes of your emotional symptoms and helps to bring your mind, body, and spirit back into balance naturally without medication. There is hope for you!

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