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Thrive at The Top: The CEO's Guide to Chronic Pain Relief | The Difference Press


Are you sacrificing your well being for your success?

The rewards of a high-powered job will also be substantial and so can the demands. Keeping up with the challenges and staying healthy may be a very powerful skill you will have to handle for long-term success. And yet, the day-to-day needs may put your job first and you last. And, when inevitable physical and emotional symptoms appear, if you lack a good strategy, you many respond like many with guilt and overwhelm.

This book offers you game-changing insights and field-tested strategies you’ll be able to apply quickly and easily to dissolve chronic pain and other symptoms and to handle your health in the face of the complex demands of your work and your life.

Based upon over thirty years of studying the effects of stress on health and productivity, Mindbody executive coach, Ken Malloy offers the best tools and techniques he uses with corporate clients.

In this book you’ll learn how to:

  • Engage with your work at full capacity even as maintaining a state of relaxed productivity.
  • Stay focused and manage your energy effectively without overworking and risking burnout.
  • Quickly restore your sense of stability in the face of difficult people and situations that might another way cause anxiety and overwhelm.
  • Eliminate nagging chronic pain and other symptoms that may thwart your energy and enthusiasm, and replace them with the freedom of self-regulation.
  • Create a balanced life where you’ve mastered the ability to fully express and experience yourself with a high level of ease, strength, stamina and skill in everything that you do.

If you’re ready for relief from chronic pain download the book today.

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