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Under the Sleeve: Find Help for Your Child Who Is Cutting | The Difference Press


Help your child stop cutting.

You find cuts on your child’s inner arm and do not know how it could’ve happened. You try to find help from your doctor, friends, family, and school counselor, only to find yourself frustrated and puzzled. It sort of feels as if there’s no one that can assist you take into account why or how to treat your child who is suffering.

Ten years of experience as a successful pediatrician did not equip Dr. Stacey Winters for finding the most efficient help when her daughter began cutting. From that first day, she researched and sought out any to be had assistance, only to hit roadblock after roadblock. Thirteen years later, Dr. Winters has successfully navigated the difficult path of getting help for her daughter.

In Under the Sleeve, Dr. Winters now shares what she has learned on her journey as both a mom and pediatrician. You are going to be empowered to:

  • Understand why visits to your primary care provider do not help
  • Develop insight into the reasons why your child is cutting
  • Discover the role anxiety and depression can play in cutting and learn methods to help your child cope
  • Learn why children in pain continuously can’t talk to their parents
  • Become familiar with the different treatments and take into account why it takes a tribe

Wait no longer to find the help your child deserves and the relief you desperately need. Read Under the Sleeve today.

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