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The Joy of Letting Go of Your Biomedical Career: The Ultimate Quitter's Guide to Flourish without the Burnout | The Difference Press

The Joy of Letting Go of Your Biomedical Career: The Ultimate Quitter’s Guide to Flourish without the Burnout


Thinking of leaving your biomedical career?

You don’t seem to be on my own! Biomedical professionals are facing this difficult decision now more than ever. Becoming a biomedical professional takes years of extensive education and significant financial investment, but the dream of making a real difference by discovering and saving lives is regularly shattered by the stress, burnout, funding shortages, administrative burden, complicated systems, and untenable work-life balance in the field. And yet, the wings of your dream are tied up with the golden handcuffs of paychecks and social status.

In The Joy of Letting Go of Your Biomedical Career, Dr. Xuemei Zhong tells of her own struggle leaving the angst that came with her job at a top medical school, and how that episode in her life inspired her to found HOE Holistic Wellness LLC. Zhong discusses tips on how to find fulfillment in work and life, lays out her groundbreaking seven-step decision-making process, and explains tips on how to:

  • Save lives without sacrificing your health and family
  • Not waste your medical training despite the fact that you leave for every other career
  • Earn up to your current salary, if not more
  • Check in case you made the right decision with one simple test
  • Create a plan to move forward feel sorry about-free

A complete toolkit for making a hard decision easier, The Joy of Letting Go of Your Biomedical Career is the resource you wish to have to put the joy back in your life.

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